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Loomis Hot Tub Installations

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Garden Leisure Partnership

At Loomis, we are proud to partner with Garden Leisure Hot Tubs, a leading brand known for its exceptional quality, durability, and comfort. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in installing and servicing these state-of-the-art hot tubs, ensuring seamless integration into your outdoor living space. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled relaxation experience by providing you with the finest hot tubs on the market.

Personalized Comfort

Garden Leisure Hot Tubs offer a wide range of models, each designed with ample room and first-class amenities to cater to your individual preferences. High-performance pumps and a variety of jets deliver a professional-grade massage experience, ensuring maximum comfort without the need to reposition. Choose from a selection of popular color options to complement your decor and an optional Bluetooth™ stereo system with marine-grade speakers for the ultimate entertainment experience.

View the hot tub models that we offer below!


  • Seats: 3

  • Size: 60″ x 83″ x 33.5″


  • Seats: 6

  • Size: 78″ x 83″ x 36″


  • Seats: 7

  • Size: 82″ x 82″ x 39″


  • Seats: 6

  • Size: 82″ x 82″ x 39″


  • Seats: 7

  • Size: 91″ x 91″ x 39″


  • Seats: 6

  • Size: 91″ x 91″ x 39″